Vicky Zhou – Looking Outwards 04

“Volume” for Panorama

“Volume” is an interactive and responsive sound and light installation designed for a popular NYC festival, Panorama. The installation is a series of responsive mirrors formatted in a cube; these mirrors rotate individually in response to the presence of people (in this case, excited festival goers), which then redirect light and sound as a result. The mirrors process presence and rotate using cameras, and the LED lights change in response to the changes of sound around them. This data is then converted via DMX, and to the motors via OCP and Arduino microcontrollers.

Although the final result of the project seems to be “created” or “formed” by the viewer (ie. festival goer), the team, Softlab, showcased their own artistic voice by choosing exactly what medium Volume was created in –mirrors, LED lights — and what mediums Volume chooses to interpret — sound and physical movement. I think Volume is a playful installation that is affected by aspects we find fairly simple — sound and movement, but utilizes intricate data interpretation which then creates an elevated and dynamic environment.

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