Classyfier is a project where a table has the ability to choose the music genre that fits into the situation by detecting the beverages that people are consuming. It is programmed through Wekinator, Processing and the OFX collection, by Benedict Huebener, and 2 other students in Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design. The music can be changed to the next song by tapping on the table. Huebener originally has passion for mechanics and aesthetics. He applies physical and digital prototyping techniques in order to take on problems in today’s society, which dictated him to take on this project.

I found this project very intriguing because I believe that this kind of technology relating to sound can be used in the bigger world. I think that this is a very possible project that can be actually carried on to a further extent to use in the future. The use of technology to respond to sounds in order to appropriately use in a certain context relates to convenience for humans. This project is aids human’s convenience and does not affect in a harmful way, which I think is very important since technology is consistently developing today. The man made machine table that can use its intelligence due to training, is very fascinating. I wish this project can work for multiple uses, not only limiting to sound of wine glasses, beer cans, and spoons clicking against mugs. Overall, this project is very successful in its use and the conceptual idea must be carried forward, and shared to a wider audience.

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