Jessica Timczyk – Looking Outwards 04

The photo above shows screenshots of different students’ work utilizing the Chunity program.

Chunity is a programming environment developed by a PhD student and associate professor at Stanford’s Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics, Jack Atherton and Ge Wang in 2018. The program uses the programming language ChucK and the real time graphics engine in Unity. I find this project extremely interesting because the tools are driven by audio as the most important component with visual graphics coming second, following the audio. This is contrary to how I would think most programs and tools run, with visual graphics as the main component and audio being secondary. In the algorithms generated using this program, physical changes in the graphics of the program are accompanied by audio, integrated with real time components. When a final project is created using this programming environment, the coder is able to artistically express their vision through how  the audio is integrated with the visual graphics.

The photo shows a screenshot of an example of how code is written to include both the audio and visual graphics.

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