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SoundDam (2011) is an aural investigation of spacial awareness by Keiko Uenishi. The installation runs along a 6km stretch of the Rio Paiva river. Children were asked to travel along the river but had to cross many invisible “sound dams” along the way. Unlike traditional dams and barriers, sound dams react to spaces and movements. I admire the idea of using sound to create a physical presence. I can only guess at what algorithms Uenishi is using to create this dynamic experience for the children. In addition to the physical presence that sound creates, the changing of the sound and adjusting to the environment around it. There is something purely breathtaking and warming about the idea that sound can be so well integrated into the environment. Uenishi writes that his installation had many “‘cross-communications’ as results from different parts of the river and the people living along it.” While the algorithms used are still a mystery to me, I feel like the applications are tremendous.

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