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Sonic Playground, created by Yuri Suzuki Design

For this week’s Looking Outward, I chose to read up on the Sonic Playground, created by Yuri Suzuki Design. In a nutshell, the playground is a collection of 6 different interactive sound sculptures that carry sound waves to nearby sculptures.

I really admire this project, because one of its main goals is to introduce art to regular people walking outside. I love the fact that this playground is geared towards children, so that they are able to experience how sound waves travel and to enjoy playing outside. Personally, I have experienced a similar contraption at a science museum once that allowed people on opposite sides of a wide room to hear each other using similar sculptures. And so, I really do love the fact that a person has carried on that idea to make it accessible to the public.

The software used to develop and optimize the pieces in the sculptures was designed by Luca Dellatorre using Grasshopper which is a parametric design plug-in in Rhinoceros. The article states that Luca  simulated sound wave behavior using ray tracing techniques.

Clearly, we are able to see the fun-loving, colorful side of the creator’s artistic sensibilities that show in the Sonic Playground. I am very excited for future playgrounds and public attractions like these that bring people together through science and fun!

link to the article:

Sonic Playground – Playful acoustics by Yuri Suzuki Design

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