Yiran Xuan – LookingOutwards – 04

Robots can play instruments now; automatons have had the ability to do so for hundreds of years. And they can read music too; combine a scanning software with reading software, and a robot can interpret sheet music on a stand. Together, with a consistent internal tempo, instant communication, robots could be the perfect orchestral musician…if they could be led by a conductor.

Interpreting a conductor presents a few challenges and decisions. First, is how to detect the motions? Computer vision or accelerators? Also, what universal motions between many different conducting styles communicate a timing, an volume, or an emotion? Musicians, when being conducted, usually anticipate a move on part of the conductor; would robots be able to do the same? Musicians also try to keep a consistent internal tempo according to the sheet music, and adjust to the conductor once the motions become evident. Would robots be able to adjust similarly?

A similar project focused around building a program to detect and correct conducting form: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1DDeeQezbasnELFeGOyKGwGF2jq_IXTDG/view?usp=sharing

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