Carley Johnson Looking Outwards 5

Print Fiction was a completely digital art galley produced and curated by Micheal Seibert in 2012. He put together digital art by artists (including himself) and displayed them all in a digital gallery (about 8 rooms total) created using Unity. The person can explore the gallery using the usual controls a first-person shooter might have. All of the artists gave different “types” of digital art from 3D sculptures to flat paintings, which creates a large mass of different types of 3D graphics, some being shown as 2D images and some being explored in a 3D space as 3D physical art. I like this project, because it really does seem like “the way of the future” to start opening larger virtual art galleries, which I could see becoming a big part of the AR/VR unfolding market.

This is the full space of the exhibit, separated into rooms.

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