Jonathan Liang – Looking Outwards – 05

The Incredibles soar back on screen with the help of a new ally, RenderMan

The Incredibles returned on screen over the summer, but not everything from the original movie returned for the sequel. The new film utilized Pixar’s newest rendering technology RenderMan. RenderMan enabled animators to better render textures onto environments,  clothing, skin, and hair (the hair in the movie now moves like real hair instead of moving like a blob!) and forcefields! RenderMan is not a technology that is exclusively used in Pixar films, but is now a popular rendering technology used in many Hollywood films. One example of this is their success with the photorealistic rendering of Rachael in Blade Runner 2049. Animators were able to photorealistically render Rachael’s face from the original film onto an actress that looked nothing like Sean Young, the original actress. RenderMan is an effective rendering tool like can render photorealistically but can also create an animated feeling. It is no surprise that Pixar’s RenderMan is now the predominant rendering technology in the film industry today.

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