Han Yu Looking Outwards 05

Trailer for The Maze Runner from Youtube

The project I chose to write about this week is from a movie called The Maze Runner. The movie had numerous computer generated art but the one I want to discuss about is the wall. There is no way that such a huge wall can be an actual movie prop so we can safely assume that it is computer generated. Regarding the wall, admire its sheer scale and realism. There’s engraved tally marks, names on the wall to elaborate the detail of the wall. I admire these traits because I think it’s not too extreme and in your face, but still plays an important role in the movie. Regarding the algorithms generated, I think that they used the for loop because of the wall’s repeating elements. Also I think that they used a green screen to overlay the wall in a studio. So that would be similar to calling a function in a function. The creator’s artistic sensibilities come into the final form because he has a very clear understanding of the wall and its role. The wall is simple in nature. Its goal is to protect the people from the elements. But the wall’s secret is that it contains dangerous monsters. I think this classic irony is the epitome of art. 

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