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“The Forest” by Joannie Leblanc

This luscious realistic forest graphic was created by Joannie Leblanc. I really admire Leblanc’s work because she is a lighting artist, creating realistic scenes for video games. You can see her specialty in lighting absolutely perfecting this art. This specific graphic was not part of a video game, but served as an experiment as to how important light can serve to create a 3-D environment. It really opened my eyes to how such small details (like lighting) can affect how I am able to view different pieces of art.

Leblanc was able to create this graphic using Unreal Game Engine 4. She states that she was able to create all this lighting details using their new lighting features.

I personally have never worked with the Unreal Game Engine, but I can guess that this graphic was made by meticulously placing different lighting angles all over the environment (in order to give you that depth and immersion).

All in all, I am incredibly impressed by the realistic attributes of this piece, and if all video games paid this much attention to detail, as a huger gamer, I would be very pleased 🙂 .

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