Jamie Dorst Looking Outwards 06

For this week’s looking outward, I found my piece of random art on a website called the ReCode Project. The ReCode Project is a “community-driven effort to preserve computer art by translating it into a modern programming language (Processing). Every translated work will be available to the public to learn from, share, and build on.” The piece I am focusing on is based on Untitled 4, by various artists, recoded by Corneel Cannaerts.

Untitled 4, a piece of computer generated art that takes in random values every time it is clicked.

Every time the mouse is clicked, the lines/rectangles generate in a new way. I liked this piece because it is very geometric and everyone would see something different in it (especially because it is random). I also liked how the vertical lines almost look like a background, and the horizontal ones seem to pop out as if they are 3D on top of the vertical lines. This was made with Processing, which I also liked because it is similar to what we are using in this class. I thought that the ReCode project overall was also a great idea, I like that it is focused on helping the society as a whole learn from these projects.

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