ChristineSeo- Looking Outwards 06 – Section C

Photograph of the projector glitch in the dark room
Photography of tiles with mixture of a variety of exposure, speed, and frame rates
Photograph of a digital drawing that was “waved” back and forth

Ishac Bertran, an artist from Barcelona, focuses his work around the relationship between people and technology. There were digital drawings that were photographed in a dark room, with long exposure times. Randomness is shown through the rendering of imperfections and the asynchrony between the frame rate of the video signal and the refresh rate of the projector. He ran the Processing sketch and then photographed it after there was a random glitch from the computer monitor or graphics card and occasionally what was caught in between the digital and analogue mediums.

I thought it was very interesting how he used various photographic techniques such as exposure, speed, and frame rates to seek out the glitches. I especially thought that it was intriguing how the camera could capture these imperfections, while the naked eye could not. The random graphic glitches added a meaning to the artwork as it captured their unpredictable beauty. Originally, he was inspired by the aesthetics of physics and computation, which drove him to create this artwork; he wanted to make his digital drawings more meaningful. He also claims that he finds “beauty in complex systems that are driven by simple principles.” I wish that he would have experimented further, with even more various materials and mediums to capture these photographs.

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