Catherine Coyle – Looking Outwards – 06

Jackson Pollock is on of my favorite artists and as he was mentioned in the description for this assignment, his work with ‘drip painting’ (splatter paint) is the definition of randomness in art.

Pollock’s work ‘Autumn Rhythm’


It is hard to say what his intentions and feelings were when making these paintings, I’ve heard this style called ‘action painting’ because the artist can literally be just throwing paint at the canvas. In this way, the art can feel very emotional while also being completely random. There’s no real way/reason to predict where the paint will land on the canvas, but that is part of the emotion and feeling behind it.

I think Pollock’s work in this area is very admirable as it was extremely experimental but it caught on. I think it is amazing how even pure randomness can create beautiful artworks.

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