Kevin Riordan Looking Outwards-06-Section C

Abstraction. 2005 by Bogdan Soban

For this week’s looking outwards I looked at a project by Bogdan Soban, who uses random generative processes to create artwork. One example is Abstraction, done in 2005 by this random algorithm. I admire how every piece he makes with this process ends up looking completely different, in every way possible. The style and color palette are unique to each art piece. He uses Visual Basic to create the art, and uses a random number generator to calculate the seed start time for the generative process. I admire the algorithms he has created more than this specific piece, and am using it only as an example. He has created many different programs that create different style pieces, such as CREATOR, DISCOVERER, COLLAGE, and more. He even released these programs for free on his site, and below are two images showing the interfaces for two of these programs.

Interface for CREATOR
Interface for DISCOVERER

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