Sharon Yang Looking Outwards -06 Randomness in Art

Vladimir Kanic’s Random Generative Art

Generative art pieces based on randomness that I find admirable is Vladimir Kanic’s art pieces. The artist was inspired by chaos theory and explored using randomness as a structure of his works. The type, the genre and the content of his works were determined through observing and measuring random events. In order to do this, he devised a system which models randomness called ‘Magic Box’, which is twelve boxes being given to random art directors, and each one put a random number of randomly selected objects inside. Then, a group of random people placed the objects in the boxes a completely random and unorganized stash, and the artist chose one of the boxes to generate art out of it. He mainly created a film out of these random objects, generating patterns using various algorithms to create even more randomness in his pieces.

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