Sophie Chen – Looking Outwards – 06

Post-Digital Mirror by Pascal Dombis

Post-Digital Mirror (B4, B5 & B6), 2010 / Exhibition view, Eurasia, The Cat Street Gallery, Hong Kong, 2012

Exhibited all over the world, these images are created by French artist Pascal Dombis through manipulating computer generated hyper-structures which he synthesizes into abstract digital paintings.  Dombis uses computer algorithms to create excessive repetitions of simple processes that create unpredictable and dynamic visual results. More specifically, Dombis uses an elementary warped prototype as his computational starting point, computing the curved geometric element that ends up forming these intricate configurations that would be impractical to generate manually. I really appreciate the digital yet organic quality to these pieces, and there’s something about having these intricate digital and generated content printed out physically and placed in a gallery that I find very refreshing and appealing. The random and digital nature combined with the tangibility and scale of the physical prints makes these pieces very intentional and I would love to see them in person someday.

Post-Digital Mirror (A6 & A7), 2014 / Exhibition view, Monochrome, The Société, Brussels,BE / Lenticular print on aluminum composite, 2 panels, 1.10 × 1.80 m (each) / Photo : Freddy D’hoe
Post-Digital, TZR Galerie Kai Brückner, Düsseldorf, 2013 / Exhibition view

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