Katherine Hua – Looking Outwards-07 – Information Visualization

Stefanie Posavec is an information designer and data visualization designer based in London and focuses on data-related works. Her works of art depict non-traditional representations of data. In her Phantom Terrains project, she worked with Frank Swain and Daniel Jones to create a system that creates visualizations for wireless signals. Through specialized hearing aids, she was able to also convert wireless signals that surround us into sounds. The purpose of the project was to present a visual representation of the mass amount of streaming of wireless data surges that occurs in our everyday lives through internet exchanges and cellphone relays. I admire this information visualization project because amount of data that flows through has become a pervasive, yet invisible presence, and Posavec was able to develop a platform that makes us more aware of these data.

Phantom Terrains: Data Visualization, Stefanie Posavec (2014)

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