Justin Yook- Looking Outwards 07

Glimpse of the application visuals

Peak Spotting by Studio.NAND is an interactive application created for Deutsche Bahn, a railway company located in Berlin, Germany. It is a visual tool that allows Deutsche Bahn to manage their rail network by looking up to 100 days into the future. Specifically, tasks such as optimizing prices, train coordination, and providing better customer service. The program is run by machine learning algorithms that display data in an instant for the traffic managers. I think this application is interesting because it helps visualize and understand complicated issues, that might be hard for people to casually identify and resolve. The German rail network seems intricate and it can be easy for anyone to overlook details. One can see Studio.NAND’s artistic sensibilities from the simple design; the train routes, and the trains can be quickly checked.

Source: https://nand.io/projects/peak-spotting

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