Lan Wei-LookingOutwards-07

The project’s name is ‘Mesmerizing flight visualizations over 24 hour periods’ and it’s created by NATS, an air traffic control services provider. It is not produced by an artist as an artwork but it did provide me with a fanscinating new way of looking at the sky.

As a student of design, it is often required to produce good-looking drawings that contain information. But I feel most of them a waste of time since the raw data is as clear as the visualized version. There are only two kinds of information visualization that I find meaningful: information that is ‘dynamic’ and information that can have interaction with. This project falls into the first category.  For this project, even looking at the screenshot the dynamic flow of it can be felt.

In technical aspects, I think arrays in P5js can do similiar things by putting data of different flight courses in different arrays.

(This link is an example of visualization of information that can have interaction with)

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