Looking Outwards 07 – Data Vis

This was the animation on their website that caught my eye

Studio NAND’s website is like their work; it’s catchy and dynamic. One of their projects, Peak Spotting, took data gathered from Deutsche Bahn, a German railroad company, and created a tool that in real time displays data for all of their lines, and through use of historic data, projects estimations up to 100 days in the future for data like train use. I think that what they’ve made is both utilitarian and well-presented (you can really see that they care for style). It looks like they’ve developed their own industry-oriented app that displays all of the data that Deutsche Bahn records. In part, Deutsche Bahn is to thank for keeping such detailed records, but Studio Nand’s design team did a good job. The animation above is simple but colorful, and the bar charts are pleasant to look at without compromising the reality of the numbers. It’s nothing too abstract, and doesn’t aim to be art, but it’s just straight-up good data.

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