Robert Oh-Looking Outwards 07

Word Associations Visualization by Chris Harrison

For this Looking Outwards, I chose to study the word association art of Chris Harrison. I really admire this kind of art because I’ve taken multiple classes that show the importance of words and their similarities. This project shows which words are used more frequently with the two base words, “hot” and “cold”.  I really admire how simple and clear it is to look at this graph. You can see clearly which words are more frequently used with either of the base words.

In other to make this graph, Harrison went through many different processes. Words were bucketed into one of 25 different rays. Each of these represented a different tendency of use (ranging from 0 to 100% in 4% intervals). Words were sorted by decreasing frequency within each ray. Finally they rendered as many words as could fit onto the canvas.

You can see how methodological and clear the artist is through this piece. This art is really all about data and applying that data, and so I would claim that you can see Harrison’s logical artistic style in this art.

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