Carley Johnson Looking Outwards 08

These are the women whose art I got inspired by this week. They are Mouna and Melissa, the founders of Daily Tous Les Jours, which works in connection, physicality and pushing people to act past social boundaries (ie, dancing in the streets). They are both from Montreal but do work all over the United States and Canada, both indoors and outdoors. My favorite project of there’s is called Choreographie pour humans et les etoiles (Choreography for humans and stars) wherein the goal was to get people to dance and become celestial bodies. A camera gave them instructions (hold hands and lean out while spinning in a circle as fast as you can) and then captured the motion and translated it into a beautiful universe graphic on the screen. It was cool to see strangers getting together and laugh at themselves being silly. I feel like the world needs more of that. Their presentation was alright. The footage of their projects and them projects themselves were really interesting, but they weren’t that engaging. They tried to inject a few jokes in there that were really dry, and even though there were two of them, they didn’t play off of each other very well. Really fun and sweet projects though!

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