A screencap from Posavec’s 2018 talk that emphasizes qualitative data and Posavec’s hand-drawn style

Hailing from Denver and currently living in London, Stefanie Posavec is artist and designer who focuses on data that is more qualitative than quantitative/computational. That is not to say that her data visualization is uninformative, as the project below is chock-full of information. I love that no matter what data she collects, she finds it important. This is apparent all over her work, from the picture above that appeared in her talk at Eyeo 2018 to her postcards-turned-book-turned-MoMA collection called Dear Data.

Data visualization done by Posavec from an album by OK GO that led to the album’s art

Posavec’s style of presentation is very conservative, treating every piece of her work equally. This is mirrored in her work, as she says that she strives to treat each piece of process with the same importance as the final product. Her slides are not touched up for presentation, but are often just raw drawings of random bits of data. This is inspiring to me as I value the iterative process of creating, but I really struggle to treat everything as important like the final product. The idea that everything matters, from bits of data collected to the thrown out ideas to the final presentation that you give, is substantial and makes the creative process much more interesting in my eyes.


Stefanie Posavec’s 2018 Talk – Anoraks and the Analogue

Stefanie Posavec’s Website

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