Jessica Timczyk – Looking Outwards 08

Zach Lieberman is an American new media artist and computer programmer, he received an MFA of Design and Technology from Parson’s School of Design. He is based in New York City and describes himself as an artist that creates with code, focusing on interactive and experimental drawing and animation tools. Most of his work involves these abstract drawing tools and interactive animations and environments in performances. I really like the artists’ work because the interactive aspect of it allows people who interact with it to become the “performer” themselves.  One of his projects that I admire the most is the Eyewriter project. It is a very low cost and open source hardware tool that allows people to draw with their eyes. I found this one the most inspiring because it was originally created for a paralyzed graffiti artist so that he could draw graffiti with his eyes even after being paralyzed. What I admire most about how Zach Lieberman works is how all or most of the projects he create are not only artistic and beautiful but also contain real applications that are still useful and many times help people that sometimes wouldn’t otherwise be able to create their own art.

While he is presenting his work, he not only gives a demo of how it works, but then also goes on to explain why he created this thing and his process in getting there. He as well additionally gives examples to other applications of the technology he created, which is useful in seeing other applications. I think this would be helpful if I were presenting my own work to convey that what I’m presenting is not constrained to the form that it is presented in currently, but can also be used in other ways and applications.

Eyeo2012 – Zach Lieberman from Eyeo Festival on Vimeo.



A video showing the Eyewriter and how it is used and works.

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