Erin Fuller LookingOutwards-08

Original Eyeo 2014 Video

The pair Mimi Son and Elliot Woods have a studio called Kimchi and Chips. Son is a Seoul based artist specializing in storytelling through interaction design. She studied Interaction Design at Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design and finished her Master of Art in Interaction Design at the Landsdown Centre of Middlesex University in London. Woods is a digital media artist from the UK. He was educated in physics and is using his background to produce sense-able phenomena from abstract domains.

They focus mostly on exploring the differences between material and immaterial. Using light as an immaterial to create material, many of their works are results of projection mapping techniques.


My favorite piece is called “LINE SEGMENTS SPACE”. The gallery space is filled with a three-dimensional web of string. With careful projection mapping, the strings are lit up to create dynamic imagery. Through the use of light as immaterial, a complex form emerges.

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