Carley Johnson Looking Outwards 09

The Mori Building Digital Art Museum. Tokyo, Japan. Opened on June 21st, 2018. Mori Building in collaboration with digital art collective teamLab.

Katherine wrote her very first Looking Outward post about this museum, which claims to be the new era of museums. One that is digital, technical, and immersive. Truly, one large installation of art as opposed to what you might call a normal gallery.

The colors and light displays in particular are truly magical. Even the photos of the exhibit feel completely immersive and sensual. It makes me want to go and interact with it. The original Looking Outward post featured mostly quotes from the article about this piece, which stated that the piece is more an “experience” than it is a “medium”. This whole exhibit raises an interesting question- is this a museum? An installation? An experience? Some sort of playground? When the line gets blurred between passive exhibits and interaction, what does the art become? And is this a new wave of curating art into museums, so that they are more attractive to a public audience? Or is this a new segment of art altogether? I’m unsure, but I’d state definitely that this piece hangs closer to an interactive installation art piece than anything else.

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