Anthony Ra – Looking Outwards 09

Meandering River - Kling Klang Klong
Meandering River – Kling Klang Klong

For this looking outwards post, I looked into the post of randomness that Curran Zhang wrote. An art installation by Kling Klang Klong in 2018, this piece that spans through multiple screens utilizes sound composition from the audience to generate parcels of data arranged to create unpredictable currents.

Large-scale art installation

I guess a part of the common ground in which Curran and I were impressed with this work is the involvement of the audience into an already finished final work. As if we, the people, contribute to this well-generated piece.

One thing that is difficult in choosing this project is that I only see articles on this installation and no videos of it in the works. As much as the photos that are available are intriguing and eye-catching, I think that watching its movement and its randomness with a video will allow me to appreciate this installation much more.

material close-up of each particle

What Curran said at the end is very important to the direction of where art and design should go. The importance of collaboration and the uses of different fields in ways that people would think be impossible.

Meandering River – Creative Applications

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