Dani Delgado Project-09

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/* Dani Delgado
Section E

//global variable for calling image
var sunset;
//global variables for adjusting the frame rate and size of the rects
var pixNo = 0;
var fr = 15;

function preload() {
	//load the underlaying image into the canvas
    var picture = "https://i.imgur.com/BBnFAII.jpg";
    sunset = loadImage(picture);

function setup() {
	//set the overall canvas settings
    createCanvas(480, 320);
    background(250, 240, 230);

    //draw the underlaying image

function draw() {
    //first set variables to draw the rects at random locations
    var rx = random(width);
    var ry = random(height);
    //constrain these rectangles to the canvas
    var pixx = constrain(floor(rx), 0, width - 1);
    var pixy = constrain(floor(ry), 0, height - 1);
    //create this variable to call the colors from the underlaying image
    var colPix = sunset.get(pixx, pixy);
    //create the variables for size and roundness adjustments
    var size;
    var round;
    //create the variable that sets the objects at diff angles
    var pixAng = random(radians(360));

    //these if statements change the size and roundness of the rects based on quantity 
    if (pixNo < 600) {
        size = 20;
        round = 1;
    } else if (pixNo < 1200) {
       	size = 16;
       	round = 2;
    }else if (pixNo < 1800) {
    	size = 12; 
    	round = 4;
    } else if (pixNo < 2400) {
    	size = 8;
    	round = 6; 
    } else {
    	size = 5;
    	round = 5;

    pixNo ++; 
    //set rect color and stroke

    //draw the rects
    translate(rx, ry);
    rect(0, 0, size, size, round);

function mousePressed() {
	//this function will increase frame rate whenever mouse is pressed
	fr += 10;
	fr = constrain(fr, 15, 125);

For this project, I decided to use a picture I took of my friend Margot last year! I enjoyed the project, despite struggling with it at first (my colors were all messed up and flashing for a while). I played around with a few ideas, including using different shapes and having the pixels be denser in certain areas, but I ultimately decided on making it a quantity based portrait where the more “pixels” appear, the smaller and rounder they get (however, this was done in a step-down sort of way rather than a smooth way). I also added the “click to increase frameRate” feature because of how impatient I was to see the final product appear and I figured other people would get impatient too.

Original picture
Final computed portrait



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