Christine Chen-Looking Outwards-09

2017 Nike Air Max Video. Link:

I was captivated by the 2017 Nike Air Max promo video that Vicky discovered. I watched the video over and over again and was just simply fascinated by how well the creators utilized various organic textures, pastel colors of blue and pink, and dynamic forms to create this enchanting motion graphic. I completely agree with Vicky about her comment on the creator’s incredible use of 3D computer graphic to help viewer’s understand the ways in which the materials of the shoes behave when they are under use. To add on to her comment, I think the how the creator’s uses metaphorical graphics, such as movements of the pumping of air balloons, the swirling of light fabric wrapping around the shoes and others, really helps the viewers understand and visualize the functionality and material of the shoes. One of the main pros of the shoe is its incredible lightweight, and the three-dimensional graphics of the forms really help to put emphasis on this. This video again reminds me of what first drew me towards stepping into the world of design and why I chose this major in the first place.

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