Erin Fuller – LookingOutwards-10

Scene Design, 2009
Carnival Interactive Aquarium, NYC 2009

Emily Gobeille is an artist and renowned designer who specializes in merging technology and design to create rich and immersive design experiences. She is a Partner and Creative Director of Design I/O, and due to her unbound energy and affinity for telling stories, she tends to create of high-end but playful interactive installations for children. With an emphasis on meaningful interaction and systems built to support open play and discovery, her work creates a sense of wonder and delight.

Installation in Use, Baltimore, 2009

The Carnival Interactive Aquarium, commissioned by Arnold R&D, was installed in storefront windows in 6 cities across the US. Gobeille used computer vision to cause the seascape to react to the motion of a user – seaweed will sway and fish will scatter – who can dial in with any mobile device and create a fish using their voice. Users play a game with the installation in real time through voice and phone keypad. I think this installation, though it was created as an advertisement, is really neat in how the public can interact with it.

Video of Installation, 2009

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