Min Jun Kim- Looking Outwards 10

BEFNOED exhibit 1
BEFNOED exhibit 2

The female artist that I would like to discuss in Looking Outwards this week is Eva Mattes. She is a prantivist and net artist based in New York City. She operates under a pseudonym of 0100101110101101.org which I thought was interesting and works with a partner named Franco Mattes. Her work focuses on the issues- both political and ethical- that arose since the inception of the internet.

The artwork by Eva Mattes that I would like to discuss is her BEFNOED project. The concept of the artwork is rather straight-forward, but the meaning that stands behind it is very deep. The project involves having a monitor facing the floor or a wall that is very close, and puts the audience in compromised and bizarre positions- which in a sense puts them into a role as a performer.

One thing that I admire much about this art is how it tells a message in a very creative and experiential way. I think that a lot of art can be rather blunt yells out a message, but I think that this way of telling the story is actually very fun and impactful. I think that the message that she tells regarding the issues from technology is very relevant to society today, as people being born currently will have no concept about life before the computer.

Source: http://0100101110101101.org/befnoed/
Artist: Eva Mattes
Year: 2014

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