Lan Wei-Looking Outwards 10

                                         People interacting with the structure
                                                              Part of the structure

The project’s name is Branching Morphogenesis, created by Jenny Sabin. I love the spatial effect of the project. People can walk through and see through the structure at the same time and get varies of experiences because of different densities of the elements in different places. When looking at the project closely, I’m surprised to know that the whole structure was made out of 75,000 zip ties, and it is just so amazing to see how the small forces inside of each zip tie can work together and support such a huge structure.

Jenny Sabin is an architect, designer, artist and professor (Cornell University) who draws upon biology and mathematics to design material structures. She emphasises computaional design and digital fabrication a lot in her projects. Her projects, whether large-scale or small-scale, generally have strong spatial effect and interactive possibilities. It is easy to notice that she creates a lot of holes in many of her projects, and I believe her intention is to encourage visual connections.

                                               Material: zip ties

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