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Yael Braha

Viewers watching their 3D selves in installation

Originally from Rome, Italy, Yael Braha is a creative director, designer, film maker, educator and fine artist. She is currently working as a multimedia director at the Moment Factory. Braha has worked on many projects across the country and across the world, ranging from intimate immersive experiences to projection mapping large-scale shows. One of her projects that caught my attention is Kontinuum, a 3-floor underground multimedia interactive installation that’s built in an actual subway station under construction. Created for the 150th anniversary of Canada’s confederation, this installation combines lighting, video projections, and music to create an interactive experience that scans the viewers in 3D. Throughout the installation, as viewers travel through the environment, they have choices of which path to take and ends with viewers watching their own 3D image aboard the “invisible train”.

Video documenting Kontinuum

What really stood out to me about this project is its ability to be instantly personal to every viewer as they can literally see themselves be a part of it. Braha strives to push the boundaries of art and technology through generative animations, coding, and kinetic sculptures, and I think she successfully did that with this project.

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