Alexandra Kaplan – Looking Outwards – 10


                           Picture of Yael Braha’s project “Google Made With Code”

For this week, I am focusing on the artist Yael Braha. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design from the European Institute of Design in Rome, and a Master’s degree in Cinema from San Francisco State University. She currently works at the Moment Factory, a multimedia company focused on creating experiences as a multimedia director.  A project of hers that stands out to me is called “Google Made With Code” which she made for Google to get girls interested in STEM and computer coding. It seems like that she made coding interesting and fun for the girls participating as an introduction to what coding can do. I think that this work is very important, as coding can seem scary to newcomers, so making it fun at the beginning can help make girls more confident and keep going with coding careers.

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