Video of Social Soul

An image of the room in which Social Soul was held.

I chose Lauren Mccarthy who created p5.js. However, the project I want to discuss today is Social Soul, an immersive digital experience that puts users in someone else’s social media stream. It was created in 2014 by Lauren Mccarthy, Kyle McDonald, and MKG for Delta Air Lines TED2014 summit. I admire it because it poses a really valid question that often goes unanswered. It’s something that we really do not think about yet pervades every aspect of our realities. It makes use of a custom algorithm that matches conference goers with other attendees’ social streams. The project uses 7 coding languages and incorporates generative audio/music as well. Following the viewing session, the viewer is sent a tweet that encourages them to connect off-screen to their soul mate.

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