Jenna Kim(Jeeyoon Kim)- Looking Outwards- 10

Picture from performance

Of all the innovative women producing interesting works in the field of computational design and new media arts, Tina Frank’s works interested me the most. She is a graphic designer and a media artist who does most of the projects based on web design, cover design, music visualizations, and many more. Tria, and her background is in web design and cover design for electronic music in the 1990s. She is also a founder and a creative director for design office, and she is a heavily influential being because she creates amazing works to visualize music through using generative tools. She is currently a professor for graphic designer in AusOne of the most interesting project she did in the past is called the “A/V performance COH & Frank”. It is a musical performance by two designers who would program to create music and images live. The images were produced during the performance by utilizing the audio frequencies of the music and these went through Synchronator. After it has been put into Synchronator, it tells the computer to play a digital video that can be projected on to the wall. I admire this project because unlike any other musical performances which involve voice or instruments, this project is a performance by designers’ manipulation of the programs, music, and images.

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