Jisoo Geum – Looking Outwards – 10

Pussykrew is a new media duo formed by contemporary multi-disciplinary artists Tikul and mi$ gogo. The two were born in Poland but met in Dublin and began merging their artistic and technological strengths to create groundbreaking 3D digital imageries. Their works are usually surreal, hyperrealistic, and at times grotesque. Although they both came from the fine arts background, specializing in paintings and drawings, they immediately emerged into the mobile and graphics aspects of the new media. They learned visual programming, physical computing, and many other areas of digital media at Newcastle University, and self-taught the skills they had to know for 3D/CGI animations.


A music video work commissioned by an Iranian-Dutch singer, Sevdaliza.  


Since I am very interested in 3D rendered images and animation, every work made by the duo were very admiring. I appreciate the hyperrealistic and detailed depiction of curves of the human body as well as various textures rendered into the surface. Their overwhelming visualization, use of color, and composition all encaptivated me. Another reason why I was drawn to Pussykrew was that of this interesting quote:

“The internet and digital tools can be seen as a utopian environment that gives you freedom from social constructs such as gender. Technology can be used as a vehicle for the dissolution of sex and gender as well as a means to link the body with machines.” —Pussykrew

I think this quote truly depicts their artistic vision: grotesque yet beautiful and addicting imageries as a reflection of current human relationship with technology.

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