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Shin’m 2.0

Shin’m 2.0 (2011)

Shin’m 2.0 (2011) is an interactive installation and performance by media artist Eunsu Kang, in collaboration with software engineer Donald Craig and dancer and choreographer, Diana Garcia-Snyder. The project portrays “how we communicate with the space, how we connect into it, and how we and the space reshape each other.” The space is filled with nebula bubbles constantly circulating through a black hole in the center. Both light and sound follow the participant’s movements using the GLUT application with C++ along with kinetic sensors.

The still image of the Shin’m 2.0 was enough to catch my attention. It’s simply stunning and looks like something out of a movie. This effect is emphasized in the video of the installation— it seriously looks like CG. I think it’s admirable that Kang started the Shin’m project back in 2008 and has repeatedly made adjustments and improved on her design to get to this point.

Kang received her BFA and MFA at Ewha Womans University in South Korea, MA in Media Arts and Technology from UC Santa Barbara, and a PHD in Digital Arts and Experimental Media from University of Washington. She currently works as a associate professor of art at University of Akron and regularly holds exhibitions of her various media designs.

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