Catherine Coyle – Looking Outwards 10

For this week’s looking outwards, I went through the provided list of women in code, and really enjoyed the SUPERHYPERCUBE project by Heather Kelley.

A trailer and demo for the SUPERHYPERCUBE game

The project is essentially a VR arcade kind of game. It’s really simple in its idea, but the visuals are interesting and the puzzles make you work your brain which I think is cool. VR is a cool technology on its own, and it is nice to see really high quality simple concepts implemented sometimes rather than the very detailed ones. Sometimes I feel like those fall into uncanny valley territory and can be less immersive even.

Heather Kelley primarily works in game design and digital arts and media. She is very influential in the field and was named one of the five most powerful women in gaming by Inc. magazine in 2013. I couldn’t find where she went to school or what she studied online, but I did find out that she works here at CMU! I also found out that she worked on the indie game FEZ which is actually a game that I’ve played and really enjoyed so I find that very cool.

(I’m using my first LO grace day for this)

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