Elena Deng-Looking Outwards 11

The Cycling Wheel

This week I decided to look at Keith Lam, Seth Hon and Alex Lai’s The Cycling Wheel as the subject of my Looking Outwards. With this project the three designers utilized Arduino as well as other processing softwares to make the bicycle an instrument of light and sound. By turning the wheel of the bicycle turning different aspects such as the music and light bean and color of the light would change/be altered. The bike itself becomes an instrument and the controllers of the wheel become the musician.
LED Strip and Control of the Wheel

With this project I admire how it allows anyone to become a musician. From prior experience of the Arduino program I am assuming that they were able to alter the color of the LED strip though the influence of the motion of the wheel. The creator’s artistic sensibilities manifest itself through the use of the different color as well as the placement of the actual bike wheels.

Cycling Wheel: The Orchestra – Reimagining Marcel’s bicycle wheel as a light+sound Instrument

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