Erin Fuller – LookingOutwards-11

The piece “Order from Chaos” is a beautiful composition of computed visual and audio work. The track was produced by London based electronica and techno producer Max Cooper. The track was originally inspired by a moment where Cooper was captivated by the sound of hard rain hitting a roof window at his apartment. He recorded the sound with binaural mics, microphones that capture audio the same way your real ears hear sounds, and used the initial recording as a seed for the rest of the track. The pattern from the raindrops based on their closest structure, that creates an emergent rhythm, an initially detailed and chaotic form which slowly develops into something with a recognizable structure.

Gif of Video

While the prompt is focused on computer music, it would not be fair not to note the mesmerizing visual animations done by French-based Houdini Fx artist, motion graphic artist and Director, Maxime Causeret.

Gif of Video

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