Romi Jin – Looking Outwards 11

Keiko Uenishi is known for experimenting with “restructuring and reanalyzing one’s relationship with sounds in sociological, cultural and/or psychological environments.” One of her works that stood out to me is an installation entitled CDL, or Car Décalé (Légèrement)/Because Shifted (Slightly). Since Uenishi dabbles with the questioning of ideas of space through what she calls aural perceptions, and her experiments expose people to temporal spatial experiences that are usually new to them.

(Below is an example of one of her sound experiments about found objects.)

CDL is an “experiential/phenomenological sound-performance/installation/method” that uses audio-feedback to redefine a space. Uenishi uses simple spatial parameters as a setting for the experience (i.e. no decorations, no special flooring or walls, no furniture, no columns, etc.) as there should be no unnecessary distractions. The version of CDL above uses found objects (mainly construction materials) to create a part to whole experience — a series of smaller, temporary structures within a larger structure (the room). After attempted experiments, she would add or alter the objects to, in conjunction, alter the spatial experience of this specific CDL.

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