Anthony Ra – Looking Outwards 11

Thinking of computer music, I immediately thought of a musical trend that has become very popular to the younger demographic this decade – electronic dance music (EDM). EDM is essentially a collection of tracks and synths patched together using a musical software in a computer or application. My favorite EDM artist is Alan Walker, and it is solely a musical opinion rather than a computational one.

Alan Walker uses FL Studio for a lot of his tracks

Alan Walker uses a heavy dose of synth chords with a slow release on his melodies to create more of a soothing product. Within any instrument played on the computer or any synths, he is able to alter the settings and functions using his computer to create the right atmosphere for the given song.

Depending on who he is collaborating with, he also uses Cubase & Logic.

The video above shows his step by step process of patching different computational instruments together and shows us the electronic and synth collaboration with typical instruments. A lot of sounds he makes for his music are plug-ins from softwares like Nexus. Alan Walker is able to achieve his dream in being a musician without some of the fundamental qualities that one would need to become one – the ability to sings or play a musical instrument.

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