Christine Chen-Project-11-Composition

Christine Chen-Project-11-Composition

Christine Chen
Section E

var turtle;
var angle = 50;

//color variables
var R = 20;
var G = 0;
var B = 100;
var A = 10;

function setup() {
    createCanvas(400, 400);
    background(240); //light gray color
    turtle = makeTurtle(100, 100);

function draw() {
    //draw with turtles
    for (i = 0; i < 50; i++){
        turtle.setColor(color(R, G, B, A));
        turtle.forward(random(1, 10));

function mousePressed(){
    //draw turtle where mouse is
    turtle = makeTurtle(mouseX, mouseY);

    //randomize color
    R = random(0, 200);
    G = random(0, 30);
    B = random(100, 255);
    A = random(10, 80);

    //randomize angle
    angle = random(0, 15);

//canvas restarted when key is pressed
function keyPressed(){

function resetCanvas() {

function turtleLeft(d){this.angle-=d;}function turtleRight(d){this.angle+=d;}
function turtleForward(p){var rad=radians(this.angle);var newx=this.x+cos(rad)*p;
var newy=this.y+sin(rad)*p;this.goto(newx,newy);}function turtleBack(p){
this.forward(-p);}function turtlePenDown(){this.penIsDown=true;}
function turtlePenUp(){this.penIsDown = false;}function turtleGoTo(x,y){
line(this.x,this.y,x,y);}this.x = x;this.y = y;}function turtleDistTo(x,y){
return sqrt(sq(this.x-x)+sq(this.y-y));}function turtleAngleTo(x,y){
var absAngle=degrees(atan2(y-this.y,x-this.x));
var angle=((absAngle-this.angle)+360)%360.0;return angle;}
function turtleTurnToward(x,y,d){var angle = this.angleTo(x,y);if(angle< 180){
this.angle+=d;}else{this.angle-=d;}}function turtleSetColor(c){this.color=c;}
function turtleSetWeight(w){this.weight=w;}function turtleFace(angle){
this.angle = angle;}function makeTurtle(tx,ty){var turtle={x:tx,y:ty,
right:turtleRight,forward:turtleForward, back:turtleBack,penDown:turtlePenDown,
penUp:turtlePenUp,goto:turtleGoTo, angleto:turtleAngleTo,
turnToward:turtleTurnToward,distanceTo:turtleDistTo, angleTo:turtleAngleTo,
setColor:turtleSetColor, setWeight:turtleSetWeight,face:turtleFace};
return turtle;}

– Click to draw additional squiggles
– Press key to reset

I enjoyed playing around with turtle graphics! Before doing this project, I think that all we have done with turtle graphics is drawing it very strictly through giving it strict directions. For this project, I played around with adding randomness to the graphics. I also experimented with alpha, giving the created image a gradient. I adjusted the parameters of the randomness of the colors so that they would all have a more blue and red mixture of colors.

Beginning stage of program
Later stages of the program (shot with phone because every time I try to screen shot, the program resets due to my keyPressed function)
Another shot of later stages of the program (shot with phone because every time I try to screen shot, the program resets due to my keyPressed function)

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