Eliza Pratt – Looking Outwards 11


The ARC creates generative music by responding to touch sensors in different objects

At the South by Southwest (SXSW) festival in 2016, Deloitte Digital created an interactive space where people could use touch sensors to generate electronic music. Known as the ARC (Audience Reactive Composition), the space holds programmable objects that use sensors to adjust the amplitude, pitch, and other elements of exclusive tracks. According to DJ Baio, an electronic artist with expertise on the project, the installation is controlled using Ableton software. Ableton, which is commonly used in electronic live concerts, can be used to adjust notes, frequency, and samples of audio to create unique versions of tracks so every performance is unique. I admire this project as it allows people with no experience in the computational sound world to create their own generative music. Moreover, adopting responsive technology to make music allows endless opportunities to create that would otherwise be impossible.

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