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Skirting on Thin Ice by Neotropic (Riz Maslen)

Riz Maslen is a British electronic music artist, producer, singer and multi-instrumentalist. She is one of the most recognized female composers in the field of post-techno experimental electronics. She first started out experimenting electronic music in 1996. Malsen had produced an extensive profile of music under the names Neotropic and Small Fish with Spine and performed in huge music festivals like Coachella.

Skirting on Thin Ice is performed by Riz Malsen on the Opening of  London’s Artisit Quarter in 2011. Aside from making music and programming, Malsen also produces photographic slides and films as a live background during her performance as a complimentary medium to present a more holistic and multi-media experience for her audience. Just like the other tracks by Malsen I’ve came across when researching for this project, Skirting on Thin Ice has the same warm and mellow vibe that brings out the perfect amount of chill and energy. There are also slight variations nicely woven into the whole song which keep listeners eager to find out what’s next. I am impressed by the vast amount of creativity and innovation found in Malsen’s productions and I especially like this opening song as it somehow brings out my inner peace whenever I listen to it.

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