Jenni Lee—Looking Outwards—11

For this week’s looking outwards, I chose to discuss Imogen Heap’s Mi.Mu gloves, a tool that gives musicians maximum freedom to improvise and allows simple movements to sculpt music. Mi.Mu Gloves are wireless, sensor-enabled gloves for creating and performing music through movement and gesture. The gloves are a fusion of textiles and electronic sensors. Combined with dedicated gesture detection and mapping software, the gloves offer a new and flexible approach to the control of music and visuals with intuitive human movement. When a hand makes a particular gesture/motion or when you activate a particular button on the glove, the Mi.Mu gloves alter the voice. I found this new tool to be innovative and creatively stimulating, as it pushes the boundaries of music and intertwines technology with music. I believe that these Mi.Mu gloves are a great example of advancing technology for creative/artistic purposes.

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