Jessica Timczyk – Looking Outwards 11

A picture of the Eigenharp instrument

The Eigenharp is an electronic instrument made by Eigenlabs in 2008, based in the UK and invented by John Lambert. The instrument is essentially a highly flexible and portable controller, in which the sound or music is being generated in the software that it drives. I really like this project because I find it interesting that it visually looks like a wind instrument like a bassoon, but is in fact an electronic instrument. Each of the keys are velocity sensitive and act like a joystick. Although I am not entirely sure how the algorithm behind the instrument works, I suppose that it works by changing or altering the sound that comes out the intstrument based upon the keys that the player presses. The artistic influence of the creator can be seen in the array of different manipulations that a player can influence given the keys on the instrument.

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