Jisoo Geum – Looking Outwards 11

Fedde ten Berge- of Nature and Things ( het Ei (the Egg)) – 2017 

Fedde ten Berge is a Dutch sound artist who studies the sound in different types of material. The installation above is part of a larger project called “Of Nature and Things”, a collection of artificial objects mimicking forms in nature. Through “Of Nature and Things”, the audience is able to investigate different ambient sounds generated from the unique surfaces and shapes that each sculpture has to provide. I particularly liked “The Egg” because of its nature to create a subtle yet powerful sound through indirect contact. The combination of sound and the movement of the person’s hand looked interesting and even magical. From my knowledge, “The Egg” is played by the proximity between the audience and the object using a low latency audio board for embedded applications. I think Berge’s artistic sensibility is best represented from the alien sound contrasted by familiar shapes in nature.

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