Justin Yook – Looking Outwards 11

Design of Application

Prélude in ACGT by Pierry Jaquillard is a project that converts personal DNA data into into sounds. Jaquillard used his own DNA sequence to convert it into music. I admire this project because it combines biology and music together, two topics that can seem unrelated. It is a new way of expressing something through music, and it can open doors to creative and innovative ideas. Jacquillard used a midi Library for JavaScript to generate the midi signals in the main computer. Then he sent those signals to Ableton Live to play the sounds from webapps on iPads and iPhones. Even other musical elements such as tempo can be controlled on the application. There is no mention of a specific algorithm used with JavaScript. The creator’s artistic sensibilities show in his simple and intuitive design of the app.

Source: https://www.creativeapplications.net/js/prelude-in-acgt-sonification-of-personal-dna-data/

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